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Birthdate:Apr 11
Location:Georgia, United States of America
This is Calcutta; Bohemia is dead.

30-year-old public services librarian. Book lover, movie buff, music collector, idle slasher, margarita drinker, amateur snark.

The one thing you can't trade for your heart's desire is your heart.
~Miles Vorkosigan (Memory)

I must rehearse
Their stories one and all, both better and worse,
Or play false with my matter, that is clear.
Whoever, therefore, may not wish to hear,
Turn over the page and choose another tale.
(Prologue to "The Miller's Tale,"
modernized by Theodore Morrison)

Interests (137):

agatha christie, alan rickman, alias, alison krauss, angie aparo, anthony stewart head, battlestar galactica, booksluts, buffy the vampire slayer, butch walker, christopher moore, colin firth, connie willis, coupling, dance macabre, danny deckchair, dashiell hammett, david bowie, david bromberg, david sedaris, dead like me, deadwood, diane duane, doctor who, douglas adams, dresden dolls, drew barrymore, e.l. konigsburg, eliza dushku, emilie autumn, empire records, ewan mcgregor, fiona apple, firefly, flannery o'connor, flogging molly, freaks and geeks, gilmore girls, gormenghast, greg grunberg, grey's anatomy, guster, harry potter, heroes, hitchhiker's guide, horatio hornblower, house, hugh laurie, imogen heap, into the woods, jason isaacs, jasper fforde, jeeves and wooster, jewel staite, jimmy buffett, john hannah, jump little children, jurisfiction, k's choice, karl urban, kiki's delivery service, legos, lemony snicket, libraries, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, martina sorbara, marvelous 3, mary russell, methos, midori snyder, midsomer murders, miles vorkosigan, moleskine, monty python, moulin rouge, musical theater, my ruin, nathan fillion, ncis, neil gaiman, ogden nash, parminder nagra, peter wingfield, phil keoghan, pink martini, pride and prejudice, rasputina, real genius, regina spektor, rent, roald dahl, robert sean leonard, rollergirls, roman holiday, sandra oh, scott westerfeld, scrubs, sean bean, sean maher, seaquest, sherlock holmes, sliding doors, so graham norton, soccer, southern comfort, spirited away, sports night, spydaddy, stargate: atlantis, sugarland, supernatural, sushi, tamora pierce, tegan and sara, television without pity, terry pratchett, the amazing race, the last unicorn, the office, the phantom tollbooth, the princess bride, the ravenous muse, the tea party, the wire, thursday next, to kill a mockingbird, tolkien, tom petty, twisted fairy tales, velvet goldmine, veronica mars, vienna teng, w.h. auden, wicked, wire-rimmed glasses, wonderfalls
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